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Director's Message

Dear MUSD Families,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Head Start and Early Learning Program.  We are honored that you have chosen our program for your child and are committed to providing you with a quality learning experience.  
This will be an exciting year full of new experiences for you and your child.  Your child will grow and learn in a cheerful, nurturing, and stimulating play-based environment that will allow for exploration and experimentation.  We will provide opportunities for your child to engage in a developmentally appropriate and challenging educational experience that will include math, language, literacy, social-emotional development, and physical development.
Thank you for entrusting your children with us.  I encourage you to become involved with us as our partners in preparing your child for success.   Our parent involvement program has many activities and opportunities.  Available to you are programs such as parent education, advocacy, and participating as a member of our parent committees and policy council.  We will jointly employ these activities to enrich the educational experience for your child and to strengthen your child’s school readiness and healthy development.
As a parent, you play a vital role in our Head Start and Early Learning Program.  Together we will be a dynamic team working together to provide wonderful experiences for your child.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing a wonderful and rewarding year with you!
Dr. Stephanie A. Hardaway